Introduction to Self Control and Relaxation Workshop

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Is your dog – Hyperactive? Hyperstimulated? Anxious? Stressed?

Self Control and Relaxation will help you and your pooch!

Benefits of massage include:

  • Increases blood circulation and body awareness.
  • Relaxes the body and therefore transfers to relaxation of the mind.
  • Increases bond and trust between the dog and owner.
  • Helps increase tolerance to handling and other important activities such as: grooming, vet checks, etc.
  • Will help identify any sore places or areas of the body that may require medical attention.

Self-control definition

The ability to control oneself, in particular one’s emotions and desires in difficult situations.

Classic human examples

Have you ever had a potato chip or two and pretty soon you’ve eaten the whole bag? Eating a whole bag of chips shows little self-control. Not charging an expensive thing you want to a credit card takes self-control. Getting up early for work takes self-control. Without self-control, it’s hard to get far in life.

Examples of self-control and impulse control in relation to our dogs:

  • The dog wants to play with a toy but is told to wait until being told to go free.
  • Learning to resist the temptation to jump on people to greet them.
  • Wanting to run away from owners when free but resisting the urge.
  • Seeing something they want to run after and chase but resisting the desire.
  • When in a situation that causes heightened levels of stress or excitement resisting the urge to over-react and staying calm and focused.

Why would we want to teach self-control to our dogs?

  • The purpose behind teaching self-control is to empower your dog with greater confidence in facing new situations appropriately therefore making the most of all life situations.
  • If your dog can learn self-control then its ability to cope with stressful and otherwise eventful life situations will be increased this in turn will increase the dog’s freedom and ability to explore and enjoy new environments, make new friends and enjoy making the most of life.
  • A dog with good self-control can regulate it’s emotions better and control its response to situations better when faced with difficulties or over-whelming experiences teaching your dog self-control will increase its confidence as it will learn the ability to think about a situation when under a bit of pressure, weigh up the consequences and choose an appropriate reaction to the situation at hand.
  • Without you teaching self-control they will lack independence and will constantly rely on you to direct their behaviour and actions and be under continual supervision in all circumstances.
  • If a dog is not taught to deal with situations that may be stressful or unsettling they will in the long-term miss out on many fun and enjoyable experiences.

What are some of the reasons that dogs would struggle to naturally exhibit self-control? 

  • Anxiety
  • Over-excitement
  • Lack of emotional control
  • Fear
  • Over-stimulated
  • In an over-stimulated state of mind or more stressful or exciting situation then what they are normally accustomed to.


Introduction to Self-Control and Relaxation

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