Puppy Academy: Early Manners & Socialisation

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Puppy Academy focuses on those essential experiences for your puppy in its first few months of life.

This includes exposure to other puppies, exposure to lots of different people, common and uncommon sounds and all kinds of objects. This helps to build your puppy’s confidence and exposure to new experiences.
Here at ABT we also get started on some basic training skills for your puppy. Teaching them manners from an early age helps to prevent rebellion later which builds a good foundation of trust and respect for you and your puppy. We also include lots of information and assistance with all those puppy-joys such as toilet training, mouthing and teething!

During classes, puppies will be learning:

  • how to give attention when asked
  • to be calm
  • commands such as sit and drop
  • general manners
  • to come when called
  • leash walking skills
  • Leave, wait and give
  • Mat training
  • How to enjoy grooming and Vet checks
  • Great people and dogs nicely
  • Associate with a range of different objects, surfaces, sights and sounds

For more information, please contact us.

The first week is run with no puppies present so your instructor can get to know you, and you can learn the theory behind dog training and how dogs learn without the distraction of your puppy.


30th October – 4th December @ 6:10pm

 11th December – 29th January @ 6:10pm

(CLOSED 23rd Dec – 2nd Jan – Christmas Break)

5th February – 11th March @ 6:10pm

18th March – 22nd April @ 6:10pm

29th April – 3rd June @ 6:10pm

10th June – 15th July @ 6:10pm


27th October – 8th December @ 10am

(CLOSED 1st Dec – ABT Xmas Party)

24th November – 19th January @ 11:10am

(CLOSED 1st Dec – ABT Xmas Party & 23rd Dec – 2nd Jan – Christmas Break)

15th December –  9th February @ 10am

(CLOSED 23rd Dec – 2nd Jan – Christmas Break & 26th Jan – Aus Day PubHol)

2nd February – 8th March @ 11:10am

16th February – 22nd March @ 10am

15th March – 26th April @ 11:10am

(CLOSED Fri 10th April – Mon 13th April – Easter Long Weekend)

29th March – 10 May @ 10am

(CLOSED Fri 10th April – Mon 13th April – Easter Long Weekend)

3rd May – 7th June @ 11:10am

17th May – 21st June @ 10am

 14th June – 19th July @ 11:10am

 28th June – 2nd August @ 10am


$180 for the 6 week course, includes clicker.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm all bookings. This is due no later than one week prior to your chosen class start date.


Enquire when booking your dog into class about our comprehensive puppy school kits!
This includes a range of essential and useful training tools and products compacted into a handy kit, that you can carry with you anywhere.
Purchasing these items in our kit allows you to receive a discount compared to the individual prices!

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