Life Skills & Obedience Adventurer Level 4

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This course is based around the previous levels but with an emphasis on perfecting all behaviours that have been learnt in a range of different environments. Your dog will be able to perform for you at home and in the community meaning that you will have a dog you are proud to take out in public. The goal of these higher levels is to get your dog to a point that their behaviour is more reliable with distractions, distance, duration, better response time and the ability to listen reliably without you needing to rely on using rewards to get them to listen to you. This course will be held in a range of different environments which change each week, therefore assuring your dog can behave reliably in all situations and spaces. By the end of level 4 your dog should be completely reliable with their response to listening to you in all circumstances.

If your dog can complete all log-book requirements to the high standard expected by the end of the course, they will  become a ABT Advanced Community Canine, enabling you to have your dog recognised for their high level of acheivement!




Other details

Participants must have completed Level 3 Obedience or equivalent to join this class.

Class held at various locations as an outside adventure course