Life Skills & Obedience Level 2

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This course is designed to refine some of the basic exercises from Level 1. Level 2 will focus on verbal and hand cues, and getting your dog to improve with duration, distance and distractions. We will also work on reducing reliance on lures and moving towards more subtle visual or verbal signals instead

We will work on:

  • recalls
  • commands such as settle, mat (go to mat) and stay
  • settling after play
  • walking close in the heel position for passing dogs and people
  • and more

We will also teach your dog to follow targets and perform tricks. Dogs will learn to walk and perform at markers, handle and accept restraint, first aid, tolerance to separation and car safety.

You will be finding out about how dogs learn and communicate, leadership and trouble-shooting skills.


4th November – 6th January @ 8:30pm

(CLOSED 23rd Dec – 2nd Jan – Christmas Break)

 13th January – 16th March  @ 8:30pm

(CLOSED 27th Jan – Aus Day PubHol & 9th March – Adelaide Cup PubHol)

23rd March – 18th May @ 8:30pm

(CLOSED Fri 10th April – Mon 13th April – Easter Long Weekend)

 25th  May – 20th July @ 8:30pm

(CLOSED 8th June – Queen Bday PubHol)


  26th November – 28th January @ 7:20pm

(CLOSED 23rd Dec – 2nd Jan – Christmas Break)

4th February – 24th March @ 7:20pm

 31st March – 19th  May @ 7:20pm

 26th May – 14th July @ 7:20pm



16th November – 18th January @ 9am

(CLOSED 30th Nov – ABT Xmas Party & 23rd Dec – 2nd Jan – Christmas Break)

25th January – 14th March @ 9am

21st March – 23rd May @ 9am

(CLOSED Fri 10th April – Mon 13th April – Easter Long Weekend & 25th April – ANZAC Day)

30th May – 18th July @ 9am


27th October – 22nd December @ 3:40pm

 (CLOSED 30th Nov – ABT Xmas Party)

 5th January – 1st March @ 3:40pm

(CLOSED 27th Jan – Aus Day PubHol)

8th March – 3rd May @ 3:40pm

(CLOSED Fri 10th April – Mon 13th April – Easter Long Weekend)

10th May – 28th June @ 3:40pm


$270 for the 8 week course.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm all bookings. This is due no later than one week prior to your chosen class start date.


Enquire when booking your dog into class about our comprehensive doggy school kits!
This includes a range of essential and useful training tools and products compacted into a handy kit, that you can carry with you anywhere.
Purchasing these items in our kit allows you to receive a discount compared to the individual prices!

Other details

Dogs must have completed the Level 1 class before participating at this level