Advanced Off-lead Agility & Body Awareness

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As the COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift we are reintroducing our class services. We are currently working through our list of those enrolled and placed on hold during the COVID-19 restrictions.

If you were not enrolled previous to these restrictions, please contact us and we will place you on a waiting list, to book into our course when our next available dates are released!

Alternatively please send us an enquiry with your training needs and we will give you information on the best available options for you and your dog!

Agility training involves teaching your dog to go through a fun obstacle course. It is great for building confidence in dogs, helping them improve co-ordination and is an excellent activity for increasing the bond between dog and owner. These are pet dog classes but all equipment is of a high standard if you would like to learn how to do it at a competitive level.







$40 per class.
Multi-pass packages available.

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