ABT Community Canine Test

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All graduates from Level 4 at ABT are invited tobe assessed for the ABT Community Canine test, held quarterly.

There are two components to the test – a practical assessment and a written assessment. The practical assessment is done at our training centre and at a local park. It must be done without luring the dog. A clicker and treats can be used but cannot be used to lure the dog into place. Each exercise can be attempted several times but it is up to the trainers discretion as to whether a pass is indicated or not.

The practical assessment comprises of the following requirements:

1. Entering and leaving the car

2. Polite walking

3. Grooming and vet exam

4. Sit politely for a greeting

5. Walk close to owner

6. Walk past a crowd

7. Play then settle

8. Stay

9. Reaction to another dog

10. Release and recall

11. Stop and recall with distractions

12. Tolerance to separation




Other details

Open to all graduates from Level 4.
A special ABT CC collar and lead set is available to purchase on the test day.