‘We cannot speak highly enough of Amy and her team at Advance Behavioural Training. Amy and the ABT team have greatly contributed to Arnie being a happy well behaved dog.
Arnie has completed all levels of training with ABT and we enjoyed all of the classes. The staff are always helpful supportive and gave us great advice.
We appreciated that Amy does home consultations. Arnie was having some behavioural issues at home, Amy assessed the issues and provided advice and strategies for us to use. It was amazing how quickly the issues where resolved.
Amy’s business provides great service’s including doggy day care. The day care enables Arnie to socialize with other dogs in a safe and secure environment. After day care he’s happy and content. He also enjoys agility class, off lead class and casual classes. The classes are a way to keep Arnie learning new skills and to reinforce all of the previous training we have done.
Amy what great service you provide for the community to enable people to have a well balanced dog.’ 

– Barb, Barry & Arnie13220105_10153739484358722_1632079515_n


“Our Jaxx is a 2 ½ year old male German Shepherd who has suffered some behavioural problems following a serious illness as a result of de-sexing at 6 months. On veterinary advice (un-descended testicle) we had him neutered at this time as the possibility of cancer was elevated in dogs with his issue. Unfortunately he developed splenitis shortly after this operation and was a very sick puppy for a significant period during his developmental stage.

Jaxx is not our first German Shepherd – we have had 5 during our time together and collectively 8 Shepherds overall. We are not novices with this breed and have never had a dog with behavioural problems. Jaxx has 2 “sisters” at home – Chloe who is approaching 14 and Bella who is almost 8, so he did have interaction with dogs during his illness but this was very limited outside of the home.

Once he was well enough we tried obedience training and whilst the group was very good, his issues started to appear more prevalent. Our vet was supportive with our concerns and suggested we tried a behavioural vet within their practice. At the same time he did provide us with a flyer on ABT – our first introduction to this family.

The new vet meeting was unsuccessful, diagnosing Jaxx from across the room with global anxiety and prescribing Prozac as a solution – with a see you in 6 months follow up suggested! The Prozac did nothing but have him in a constant daze and reduced his ability to enjoy even his own family. This was certainly not in his best interest.

Debbie started researching ABT and after a few emails and conversations with Amy our first appointment was arranged, a one on one session. This was a little over a year ago. Amy’s persistence with Jaxx in this early period was commendable as anyone who has had shepherds know how stubborn they can be. Jaxx accepted Amy and began to perform many of the commands she gave him although the ‘relax’ is still a problem ongoing.

Jaxx continued with his one on one sessions until Amy declared he was ready to tackle a new challenge – behavioural sessions with other dogs. A huge challenge as Jaxx did not relate well to other dogs outside his family. Everyone persisted, including Jaxx, and whilst there were some interesting times within this group we were seeing improvements in his ability to cope. Taking on board Amy’s guidance and teaching we learnt to spread out Jaxx’s challenges so as not to overpower him with change.

Even in this group environment with other dogs with as many issues as Jaxx the encouragement provided by Amy was commendable. Nothing pleased us more than when Amy suggested he was ready for participation in normal obedience training classes. Moving into the general population with Jaxx brought us into contact with many of the other staff of ABT and we found they all displayed the same loyalty and ethics to the ABT way.

Jaxx is approaching his graduation from Level 2 Obedience now and is continuing to develop and improve on his ability to cope with everything out there. We are not there yet but we are on the right track with a drug free dog that has a gentle little soul.

Jaxx has had to work hard to get to this stage and learnt to deal with many of his issues. He now deals with many of ABT’s excellent staff and it is so pleasing for us to see him react positively to then when we visit. Jaxx giving kisses to Amy, Kirsty, Maddie and others in the team is an indictment of the care they have provided over our journey.

Our greatest joy and achievement in Jaxx is his ability to now participate in Doggy Day Care on a regular basis. We enjoy seeing the photos of this on the ABT Facebook page and receiving the feedback they always provide.

Best of all we see our Jaxx as a happy dog in almost all situations and we are confident that this is the result of the excellence provided by Amy and her marvellous team at ABT. We will continue to build on his development utilising the skills and caring environment of our ABT family.”

– Rob & Debbie Whalan



“We have been taking our 1 year old golden retriever Jax, to ABT for a couple of months now and the results we have seen are phenomenal and I am so proud with how far he has come in a short period of time. 

Our obedience classes are informative and fun! We are seeing amazing results and as first time dog owners has helped make the experience a little less stressful!

We also take him to Daycare every few weeks and it is a fantastic way for the dogs to socialise in a supervised and controlled environment.

Our one on one consult for resource guarding with Amy, was the best investment and we are already starting to see results. With her support, patience, knowledge and understanding has given us the confidence that we can work through any issue.

We can’t recommend Advance Behavourial Training enough to any dog owners in Adelaide looking for somewhere that provides the complete package! All the staff are fantastic and I look forward to continuing our training at ABT!”

– Sally and Jax Betton


“We have a 6 month old Kelpie x Shepherd pup, Diego, who has been attending ABT’s obedience and doggy day care since he was 13 wks old.

We came to ABT because Diego was having difficulty communicating with and being around other dogs. This combined with his hyperactive, anxious and overstimulated personality meant that we had to do something, or risk not being able to take him out with us anywhere. In these few short months, Diego has improved so much!!

Thanks to Amy and her team at ABT, Diego can calm down in social situations much quicker and has improved his communication skills with other dogs. He absolutely loves going to doggy day care, and proudly graduated from the Level 1 Obedience class recently. ABT is a fantastic facility for anyone looking to help their dog with issues, or simply for social interaction.

Thanks ABT, and we look forward to attending more classes in the future!”

– Renae, Andrew and Diego

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“James and I adopted Bruce early December 2014 at approximately 6 months of age. He had significant poor history with other dogs, which led him to be scared of other dogs. Over the first few months his fear began to turn to aggression and Bruce would lash out if he saw another dog and become fixated and difficult to handle on walks when we were near homes where he knew other dogs lived.

We tried obedience training initially which helped us dramatically with distracting Bruce and being able to teach him to ‘leave it’ when he saw other dogs however he was still very anxious and would still display aggressive behaviour if a dog was visible. The staff at ABT were so suppportive and understanding which allowed us to complete level 1 obedience training with Bruce before we started one on one consults with Amy.

The first consult Amy was very understanding and took the time to listen to us talk about Bruce to understand him completely. She gave us tips to help us try and re-train his thinking on other dogs as well as his environment and making him feel safe when handling him. The first session it took a long time for Bruce to settle and he was fixated on Amy’s working dog from the beginning. He was displaying a lot of aggressive behaviour and hardly made it near Koda. After a further two sessions Bruce’s aggressive behaviour has reduced to the point he could sit within a few meters of Koda and even sniffed him.

At home Bruce is becoming more confident with handling and having a place in our home with our other dog Layla who he loves to bits! Bruce no longer fixates on homes on walks and can walk past homes with dogs calmly even when they are barking. He still requires further training but the differences we see in his behaviour after 3 sessions are dramatic and make me feel more confident in walking him and happy that he is finally becoming confident.

The team at ABT have always listened to our concerns and given us advice whenever we have needed it. Amy and the girls have taught us how to read our dogs behaviour better than I could ever have imagined. Bruce’s individual program has helped me have a realistic expectation of the training he needs and the timeline as well as subtle behaviours he might project and what they mean. The tips and training given to us has been manageable and simple. Whilst some days are more stressful than others, we can already see the benefits in Bruce and our household. I cannot thank the girls at ABT enough for their hard work and commitment to our dogs.”

– Tamara, James, Bruce and Layla

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“Max has been attending ABT for 3 years now starting with Agility training to keep his mind active. He was very nervous around other dogs when we first started coming but he is a lot more easy going now. We have even started going to Off lead classes to help with his high energy levels.

Lily started coming to the Special needs classes about 2 years ago. She was very nervous around other dogs and people, over the 18 months she was going to those classes she has calmed down a lot. She is mostly relaxed around other dogs as long as they don’t get too close and is comfortable with people now.

We are now going to a casual class and both Lily and Max go to Daycare once a fortnight which has really helped Lily calm down around other dogs.

With the help from ABT I am now able to walk both my dogs together without them going crazy when they see other dogs. A big thank you to Amy and staff.”

Liz, Max and Lilly Davies

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“Chance didn’t have the best start to life. He was very nervous of people and anything that moved fast. He would lunge and bark at people across the road. One day at our old agility class, he bit the trainer on the leg. After that incident we took every precaution. We muzzle trained him and kept our distance from people. We tried to desensitize him to his triggers, but we still couldn’t get close to other people and we couldn’t take him for walks at peak times without some kind of reaction.

Eventually we finally found Advance Behavioural Training and since then, he is like totally different dog. He is so much happier and calmer. We can walk past another person (on the same side of the street!) without him caring at all. He even now likes people that he didn’t before. We now take people with us on walks, where they can feed him treats and he is super pleased about that. I do believe everything happens for a reason, and me logging onto Facebook at that time and seeing ABT tagged in a weight pull program was meant to be!”

-Kim and Chance McLean

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“Jilly began coming to Advance Behavioural Training in June 2017, during this time she attended ABT’s Behaviour Therapy classes and was highly reactive towards other dogs when she was on lead. When she first began Behaviour Therapy Jilly was not able to join the main group of dogs as she would react as soon as any dog would move.

Jilly began one on one private lessons with trainer Jacquie in August 2017. During this time we worked on Jilly learning to better control herself around staff dog Kovu and learnt how to relax more with Kovu nearby her. In January 2018, Jilly had her first day of Doggy Daycare! She had been muzzle trained previously to prepare her for this moment, to ensure that all interactions were safe. She was scared to begin with but was slowly introduced to staff dogs Kovu and Kayan. After time she has built up her confidence and has began to make friends!

Jilly is now coming to daycare on a regular basis and socialising with many different dogs of different breeds and sizes and she loves it! She will also soon be starting Casual Obedience class to do Level 2 as well as Beginners Agility to continue to build her confidence. Go Jilly!!”

-Felicia Mellors


Since GiGi started at doggy day care, we have seen her change for the better.

She originally started with Level 2 obedience, but quickly realised that her confidence wasn’t there. We then put GiGi into social behaviour classes to help with the calming.

Once we felt that her confidence was building she then went into Doggy day care once a week. Each week we see growth with GiGi, she is getting better around dogs and less anxious and also becoming more affectionate to humans. She has definitely got better at home with listening to commands as well. With all the help from all the girls GiGi’s confidence has come such a long way, that we are starting to feel more comfortable taking her into public places.


Ever since Baymax has attended ABT, his overall behaviour has improved immensely. The way he socialises with other dogs and the confidence he has being around other dogs has come along way. He is always excited when we get to daycare and can’t wait to get inside. You can tell by his reaction just how much he loves daycare. He has also improved with listening to commands! Recall was the most difficult command for him to learn but even this has made a huge amount of progress. He also has also become very well-mannered; waiting for treats, taking treats gently, and not jumping on every house guest. I can’t thank the staff at ABT enough for all they do for my best friend! Baymax always has the best time! And it’s so good knowing he is in a loving, caring environment surrounded by the amazing staff at ABT.


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