08/01/2006 – 8/03/2014

08/01/2006 – 8/03/2014

My name is Saaba, often referred to as the wise old soul, and I was with Amy and helped her and the ABT Team for 6 years but unfortunately I had to leave them all early at only 8 years old due to some liver problems my body wore out early. My role at ABT was to help the dogs that had communication problems with other dogs or who were just a bit scared, I also often helped the puppies that needed some extra nurturing as a bit of a father figure and role model. I helped Amy as an assistant in a lot of her consults along with my best mate Koda the 3 of us worked together for a long time to build up ABT and Koda and I helped Amy build a place like this to try and help all the dogs and owners in need to create a place where they could achieve their goals, even those troubled dogs that find it hard to fit in at most places. I was adopted by Amy when I was 18months old and I knew she was the person for me as soon as I saw her. I loved my job and was dedicated to helping make a difference to people’s and their dogs lives. I’m so glad I got to spend my time doing such an important job and I know I played a vital role in the foundation’s of ABT. I did start teaching young Mavro before I left but sorry guys I left you with an unfinished product there, but I know Amy and the ABT Team will work on building Mavro up to be the amazing dog he has the potential to be, after all that is what they do best! Please celebrate my life, remember the good times and know I will be there in spirit and let the wonderful work of ABT continue for me.


My Dearest Saaba

May your Legacy Live on forever. The wise old soul, you captured so many hearts along your journey.

To Saaba, my beautiful boy I will never forget you and I know you will always be watching over us, may your memory live on forever, such an amazing dog, I know there will be another one quite the same as you. Thank you for choosing me to be your human and helping me begin a truly meaningful mission. I know you will be around watching over us in some way.

Till we meet again, all the best and thank you for your time and help you gave me!

From Us All