Retired Training Assistant

Retired Training Assistant

3/1/2014- 27/5/2019

To sweet Koda,

Thank you for giving me over 12 years of your life, love and dedication. It’s no secret that we had a rocky start to our relationship, when you first came into my life, but over time the memories of how hard the early stages were brought us closer together and built an unbreakable bond. From the start you challenged me in everyway you could think of, but being the sort of person I am I was determined I would not give up on you. I knew someone had given up on you in the past and I didn’t want you to go through that again. When you were young we had a hard time finding any group obedience training classes that would allow us back due to your antics. Along with all of the other chaos you brought to my life you also gave to me soo much love and loyalty and no matter how naughty you were you always had the biggest smile on your face!

I am forever grateful for everything you taught me, I learnt so many valuable lessons from you that I will remember and keep with me always. Once we got through the rocky start you proved to me and everyone else how much of an amazing dog you were and showed me that all dogs deserve a chance to reach their potential if we just keep trying to help them. You were a huge motivation behind ABT and you’re why this place is more than just a training centre but is something very close to my heart! ????

From a disaster teenage menace of a dog to an amazing regal adult who was determined to help me help as many dogs as we could, you well and truly served a very important purpose in your time.

I know you and your best friend Saaba are together again and I know you two will be up to all sorts mischief but also will watch over us all. Saaba was always the strong, serious one and you were the soft sensitive one but you both knew when a doggy cuddle would fix anything.

Until we meet again thank you for choosing me, I love you my Koda! ????????????????????????