Daycare Academy

At Advance Behavioural Training we understand the long-term commitment a puppy involves and are extremely passionate about providing the best options for their early learning and development stage of life.

The early socialisation period is the best time start your little one on the right path, as there is a lot for both you and your pup to learn we have made it our priority to provide you with all the help and support you need.

Puppy Daycare Academy

Puppy Daycare Academy is a 5 week course were you will bring you puppy down in the morning to attend a day of doggy day care and make some new friends!
During their daycare day, our behavioural trainers will work one on one with your pup, to help them build confidence, learn their doggy manners and even a start some of their obedience skills.
You are able to bring them any day of the week (Monday to Friday), and they will attend once a week for the 5 weeks. If you would like to enrol them into day care any additional days of the week for some more play time, you are more than welcome to!

During the program they will learn:

  • Polite greetings towards dogs when on lead and off lead
  • Self-control in exciting environments
  • Confidence with a range of sounds textures and different clothing and other items including: hats, walking sticks and objects with wheels
  • Nice play and confidence with dogs
  • Calm greetings towards new people
  • To remain calm and confident and accept grooming, nail clipping and other handling including Vet checks
  • Respond to name, focus and recall even from play
  • Remain calm around other dogs
  • Understand the difference between nice play and impolite play and only exhibit good play skills
  • Wait to be invited to do things or enter doorways
  • Go to a mat
  • Walk nicely on a lead
  • We able to show confidence, problem solving and the ability to monitor their own emotions
  • We will help you with other puppy troubling behaviours such as: chewing, biting, destruction and toilet training. Each week when you pick your puppy up we can discuss any issues you may be having at home and help resolve those for you.

Junior Daycare Academy

Junior Daycare Academy is very similar to our Puppy Daycare Academy with some slight adaptions to the lesson plans each week to suit puppies of an older age group. The Junior Daycare Academy has the added benefit of working more on the behaviours you will see at this age group and that may have been influenced by waiting till a later age group to start socialising.

Troublesome Teenage Academy

We all know the teenage stage can be a challenge for both dogs and people, we want to provide you with all the help and support you will need to survive this stage of your dogs development.

This will still involve a five week training program much the same as the Puppy Daycare Academy and Junior Daycare Academy with the lesson plans adapted to suit a teenage dog. During the teenage stage most dogs will challenge us more, push the boundaries and may struggle with self-control. During this five week course our main goal will be to help your teenage dog work through this stage and provide you with more ongoing support so you both get through this with a strong and happy relationship at the end! :)