Obedience Level 4

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Specialised dog obedience classes for adult dogs

This course is based around the previous levels but with an emphasis on perfecting all behaviours that have been learnt. Your dog will be able to perform for you at home and in the community meaning that you will not have to feel embarrassed to take your dog out in public. There will also be the option for more tricks at this level.

You will be finding out about how dogs learn and communicate, leadership and trouble-shooting skills.

At the end of this course there is an optional test for your dog to become a ABT Advanced Community Canine, enabling you to apply to your council for a trained dog discount. Even if they do not sit the test, as long as they pass advanced level they are able to receive the trained dog discount!

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24th May – 28th June @ 7.20pm

19th July – 23rd August @ 7.20pm

13th September – 18th October @ 7.20pm

8th November – 13th December @ 7.20pm 


30th April 2017 – 4th June 2017 @ 4.30pm

25th June 2017 – 30th July 2017 @ 4.30pm

20th August – 24th September @ 4.30pm – Hurry only 1 spot left!

15th October – 19th November @ 4.30pm

10th December – 28th January 2018 @ 4.30pm



$190 for the 6 week course
or $240 including the ABT Community Canine Test

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm all bookings. This is due no later than one week prior to your chosen class start date.

Other details

Participants must have completed Level 3 Obedience or equivalent to join this class.

Class held at 41 Glenroy Street, Athol Park