Off Lead and Recall Skills

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We will work on self-control, stimulus control and reliability of the dog’s behaviour when not on a lead. Also covering Agility, Recall and Obedience – all done off the lead.

These classes are lots of fun and are open to any graduates of our Level 2 Obedience courses (or equivalent).

Off Lead and Recall Skill classes are held every Thursday evening at 7.20pm and fortnightly on Saturdays at 12.30pm.


27th April 7.20pm

29th April 12.30pm

4th May at 7.20pm

11th May at 7.20pm

13th May at 12.30pm

18th May 7.20pm

25th May 7.20pm

27th May 12.30pm

1st June 7.20pm

8th June 7.20pm

10th June 12.30pm

15th June 7.20pm

22th June 7.20pm

24th June 12.30pm

29th June 7.20pm

6th July 7.20pm

8th July 12.30pm

13th July 7.20pm

20th July 7.20pm

22nd July 12.30pm

27th July 7.20pm

3rd August 7.20pm



$30 per class on a casual basis

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Classes are held on Thursday evenings at 7.20pm and fortnightly Saturdays at 12.30pm