ABT has a grooming service available to all clients – Bella’s Grooming

They operate from ABT from Monday to Friday.

Please call or message us to make a booking 0431 301 118.

 For individual prices please contact us as it varies depending on size and coat type.


Bath & Blow Dry

Includes a brief brush then followed by a heated bath using medicated shampoo. Then a nice warm rinse to get the suds off. After a quick towel dry they will then receive a blow dry and finished up with a final brushing and deodoriser applied leaving them smelling nice. I also have little treats to help them out while getting a bath if they become a bit scared.

Bath & Basic cut

All of Bath & Blow dry plus a tidy up around face ear’s feet and groin area, Nails clipped and ears cleaned.

Bath & Full groom

All of the above plus a full body groom.

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